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Teak Patio Furniture – Enduring Luxury In Your Backyard

When you plan to invest in patio furniture you want to find some that speaks to you and that will last for awhile. Although teak patio furniture may be expensive its innate weather resistant qualities ensure that it will grace your deck or patio for at least twenty five years.

Grown in the forests of Indonesia, only so many teak trees are allowed to be felled each year resulting in a limited amount of teak patio furniture that can be produced. This plus the natural weather resistance of teak make it a highly sought after wood for outdoor furniture.

Teak patio furniture comes in many styles and shapes so it is easy to find some that will fit perfectly on your patio no matter what the size. In fact it is important to choose furniture with some visual weight if that’s all you’re putting on your patio. You may want to start with a table and chair set to be ready for an impromptu party and have a place to enjoy your morning coffee in solitude. Round or square, glass or marble topped, extendable or foldable, tables made of teak come in a variety of styles and sizes. Accompanied by teak chairs with or without arms and sometimes even benches these sets will grace your patio with enduring luxury.

If you already have a patio table, try some steamers or chaises by the pool. Top them with Sunbrella cushions and you’ll really be sitting in the lap of luxury. And if you really want to bring indoor comfort outdoors, try deep seating teak furniture. These chairs, sofas and settees feature wide 25” seats topped with plush 6” thick Sunbrella cushions. Sinking into one of these after a long days work will feel like heaven. Want something more modern than traditional? Try teak chairs dressed with durable Textilene fabric. Since they are adjustable they can be both dining and lounge chairs.

Whether you want a simple garden bench to sit on and admire your handiwork or a complete patio set with market umbrella, you’ll never go wrong by investing in teak patio furniture. Sure it’s more expensive, but it will last a lifetime with very little maintenance. Just treat it annually with a teak protector to retain its original honey brown hue or simply let it weather to a handsome silver gray. And even then if you change your mind about the gray you can scrub it off with a teak cleaner and have golden brown furniture once again.

Once you have chosen your teak patio furniture and placed it on your patio or in your yard the real joy comes from using it. Have a backyard barbeque or cocktails with friends. Maybe relaxing in solitude is more your style. However you choose to use it your backyard retreat will be graced with the beauty and enduring luxury of your teak furniture. Rock, swing, glide or lounge away the lazy days of summer on your teak patio furniture and the season will seem endless.


Simple Things You Must Know In Interior Design

Do you have many ideas for redoing your own home, but wonder what you should start with first? Does thinking about interior design create anxiety for you? Those feelings are just not necessary. Using this advice, you can decorate your home with ease.

Look at the furniture you have on your home and find a combination of colors and furniture that fits well together. You want to have furniture colors that compliment each other, as well as the colors around your home. Avoid picking colors that aren’t related, because this can look like you don’t know style.

Choose colors of the same hue. When you do this, even if the colors seem like they would not “match,” they are in the same color family. That makes them blend in a way that is pleasing to the eye. When you get color swatches from a store, check out the colors in the same position on each card. Those are the ones with similar hue values.

Use slipcovers. If you have old sofas and couches that you are getting bored with, think about simply buying a slipcover to cover them with. Slipcovers come in all designs and colors, so you are sure to find one that suits the decor in your home. Make sure to wash the slipcover regularly.

Make sure that there is ample lighting in every room of your house. This may require you to do some planning as to where you should situate your lights or chandeliers. If you have a big room, you will need to strategically position the lights to filter throughout the whole area.

Sketch out a layout of the room that you plan to redecorate, and carefully measure your space. This is important information to take with you when you shop for furniture and other items. If you do not have accurate measurements, you may end up buying furniture that will not fit into your space.

Do not use bright colors in your bedroom. People generally sleep in bedrooms. Obviously, a bedroom should be a relaxing place to be in. Regardless of how much you might like the color orange, leave it out of the boudoir. Bright colors have no place in the bedroom. Even if they look fine initially, using them could be a decision you come to regret.

A good interior-design tip is not to get too carried away with color. There have been many studies made on color and how they can affect you. Even if you love strong colors, and they fit with your personality, the next family or couple that moves in might be put off by them.

Pedestal sinks are wonderful choices in small bathrooms. These types of sinks take up less space, and they make a small bathroom look bigger. They also have an elegant appeal to them that is classic and works with any decor. You can find them at your local home improvement store at many different price points.

One of the best ways to add pizzazz into the entertainment room of your house is to incorporate a large flat-screen television. Even though this will set you back a little bit, it will be well worth the cost if you spend a lot of time watching television with friends or family.

If the quarters that you need to design are small, then you need to prepare ahead of time. First, thing about the limited space. To make it work, think about getting furniture that has more than one function. The right lighting is a great way to open up a small space.

Make sure to find the proper wall height for any artwork you play to keep on display. Using your sofa as a guide, position artwork on the wall approximately 8 inches, but not more than 10 inches, above the back.

Get new window coverings. Curtains and blinds cannot only change the look of your space, but can change the amount of light that you let into the room. For example, if you have heavy curtains, try switching them out in favor of some airy, light curtains and see what you think.

If you want your room to have a more spacious and open look, try decorating with lighter colors like creams and whites. This is particularly helpful when designing for a small apartment or a cramped room. Choose an appropriate color in order to give a tiny area the illusion of spaciousness.

Try new towels in your bathroom. You may not be able to re-tile your bathroom or replace your bathtub, but you an always admire the effect of new towels. Try bold colors if your bathroom seems a bit drab, or calming colors like blue and green if you want to create an oasis.

Now that you’ve come to the end of this article, your fears about interior design should be allayed. If you know just a little about designing a room, you can get the boost you need to start. Use the advice shared here with you to give your home that look you have always dreamed about!

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