About Me

Hi everyone;

Welcome to my site 🙂 This is Filiz – I am the proud owner of the website CheapHomeDecorIdeas.com
I am not a full-time professional home designer. However, I have years and years of experience on designing our own home, and also making suggestions to our close friends and relatives.
Two years ago, I started sharing my experience with my friends and I have received great and positive feedback from all of them.
Finally, a friend of mine suggested that I start a website and share my experience and suggestions. And here we are 🙂
As you will see through my site; I am not a technical person. But, I love sharing good tips and examples.
Hopefully, you will like my website… If you have any comments, or suggestions; please contact me through filizsay dot business at gmail dot com.

Have a great day and good luck with your home designing journey 😉